Our Marina on Virginia Key is on the Ballot – Vote Early

Vote by mail ballots have been sent out for Fall 2021. If you are a resident of Miami, we ask you to vote against the Virginia Key privatization project that will eliminate our city run marina.

We ask you to vote against it for the following reasons:

  1. The land was donated to Miami with the intent to keep it public – please keep it that way.
  2. A privatization for the 75 years will mean no public land usage in our lifetimes and an expected very large increase in marina costs.
  3. The company is proposing building “a great touristic infrastructure” meaning a shopping center on Virginia Key and who knows what else – this is not what we want, we have enough shopping centers already and Virginia Key is environmentally sensitive waterfront.

Let’s do what is right for our community, our marina and not for the special interests involved in this privatization of city waterfront on Virginia Key.