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Welcome to the Marine Stadium Marina Coalition working to save Marine Stadium Marina located on Virginia Key in Miami. The coalition is made up of Miami residents who use Marine Stadium Marina for boating activities with friends and family on Miami’s beautiful bay waters.

The marina is the last remaining affordable public city marina in the area. For-profit private interests are working to privatize the management of our public Stadium Marina which is expected to drastically increase costs, thus pricing most middle class families out of marina and boating access to our Miami bays and oceans.

The Coalition is in strong opposition to any change of management to our public Marine Stadium Marina in Virginia Key, Miami. We have been experiencing fully satisfactory service and are very happy indeed with the way the Marine Stadium Marina is currently run. Privatization forecasted to lead to increased rates for which we see no justification. 

The Coalition opposes any temporary closing of the marina during the boat show or any other events and requests your support to ensure all marina tenants have full access to the property and to the water all year long. This is what we pay for and what we expect as citizens of Miami. 

 We expect elected officials and city employees to first and foremost have the interests of the citizens in mind and not primarily the well-being of some private enterprise. This makes it literally impossible for City of Miami Commissioners to even consider such a change and we urge them not to deviate from doing what is the right thing –> HAVING THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS IN MIND. Therefore: DO NOT LET THIS PLANNED PRIVATIZATION OF ITS MANAGEMENT HAPPEN!


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